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Infrared Thermometers

Each family of Infrared Thermometers begins with the basic "Point and Shoot" version available for under $60.00. Within each style, higher model numbers indicate advanced features such as, Data logging, Min./ Max./Avg. and alarm setting. The most advanced units offer adjustable emissivity. Every Thermometer is covered by our industry leading Full 18 Month Warranty. Also, Martrow's Satisfaction Guarantee Policy is second to none when it comes to your confidence in getting what you paid for!

Most items are in stock and ship the same day if ordered during normal business hours. Other items usually deliver within 7 - 10 business days. Standard 9V battery included with every unit.

ST 642/643 Series
Visual alarm contact testing
This family of thermometers have not only expanded range, but several unique features.Both have the ability to use a K - type thermocouple.Using the thermocouple and performing a simple test enables this unit to automatically adjust emissivity. Also, there is a visual alarm for high and low temp in addition to the audible. Specifications