Product Portable Hardness Testers

Infrared Thermometers

Each family of Infrared Thermometers begins with the basic "Point and Shoot" version available for under $60.00. Within each style, higher model numbers indicate advanced features such as, Data logging, Min./ Max./Avg. and alarm setting. The most advanced units offer adjustable emissivity. Every Thermometer is covered by our industry leading Full 18 Month Warranty. Also, Martrow's Satisfaction Guarantee Policy is second to none when it comes to your confidence in getting what you paid for!

Most items are in stock and ship the same day if ordered during normal business hours. Other items usually deliver within 7 - 10 business days. Standard 9V battery included with every unit.

Advanced features including data download.
Rugged and reliable. Ideal for data collection and download.
Available: In Stock

Price: $1375

Most Portable and ease of use design for field testing.
Designed for industrial applications this easy to use instrument is accurate, and reliable.
Available: In Stock

Price: $1199

Portable and Digital. Brinell direct measurement system.
Designed for industrial applications, this software included system takes direct measurements using optical pick-ups and your laptop computer.
Available: In Stock

Price: $5625

Portable and Compact with the most versatile impactor
Designed for all field applications, this complete system is very portable and allows measurements on nearly all surfaces from multiple angles, even upside down.
Available: In Stock

Price: $1985

Uniquely styled field Brinell Tester, yields actual Brinell values
Designed for maximum portability and adjustability, this cost effective unit makes hardness testing with actual Brinell results an affordable choice for any application!
Available: In Stock

Price: $4575