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From one of our Mining Customers in the Southwestern US- 

In early 2008, we began having front spindle failures on our 210 Ton haul trucks with alarming frequency. By mid-year, the problem had grown to the point to where I was fearful that a catastrophic failure could lead to serious injury or worse. I felt there must be an inspection-based solution to our problems. On the advice of an associate, I reached out to Martrow Technical, an inspection solutions expert based in Phoenix AZ to review our concerns. After some intensive study of our equipment, the environment within our property, and the history of some of our issues, Martrow recommended a periodic predictive inspection technique for the failure that was causing us the greatest harm. The inspection method they recommended permitted evaluating the spindles to predict future failures while still on the truck! We implemented this method during our scheduled maintenance thereby avoiding unplanned downtime.

It didn’t take long to see results. Prior to engaging Martrow, our rate of failure on these front spindles was typically two failures per quarter. Since implementing this program of inspections in 2008, we have recorded zero failures to date. This inspection process minimizes downtime and alerts us to future failures allowing us to plan a change-out when it will have the least impact on production. We have virtually eliminated those risks to the safety of our employees, and equipment.

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